Wolfgang Bittner: Saccades (2011 – 2016)

Portrait series
Artefacts: digital prints, 2011

The Saccades Portraits make use of a person’s gaze to create portraits. While the photographer looked at live video images of the actual model, his eye movements were traced by an eye tracking system: a camera that filmed his eye. A computer program analyzed his gaze and calculated what the photographer was looking at. Mapping these ‘points of gaze’ with what the scene looked at, lines were drawn between the photographers eye fixations and the paths between them, therefore, (saccades), were drawn into the output image. The resulting photographs are not only a portrait of the model, but also a portrait of the photographer, whose patterns of perception are inscribed in the images. The exposure time was between 3 and 12 minutes.

Wolfgang Bittner is a visual artist working in the field of video, photography and installation. Originally starting from a painting background, he became more and more interested in the possibilities of software – and time based art. Besides the production of photographic prints, installations and short films, he has been realizing video projections for theatre and audiovisual live performances. He holds a Mag. art diploma [Kunstuniversitaet Linz, Experimentelle Gestaltung] and a MA in ArtScience [Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague].




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