ZIMOUN: 41 ventilators, 90m2 polyethyleen foil 0.006mm

15.10.2015 - MoTAPoint

ZIMOUN returns with a special installation created especially for the MoTA Point.

NONUMENT 01: The McKeldin Fountain

04.10.2015 - Baltimore

The McKeldin Fountain in Baltimore's inner harbor is the first NONUMENT Group live action in collaboration with Lisa Moren and Jaimesom Mayhew. On 4th October NONUMENT Group will transform the Fountain's audio-visual atmosphere and perform...

SWISS MUSIC DAYS 2015: Jonas Kocher (CH) & Irena Tomažin (SI)

16.09.2015 - MoTAPoint

Especially formed for the festival Swiss Music Days 2015, this duo of two leading figures of the Swiss and Slovenian experimental music scene promises an unique blend of improvised music. With a certain fair for...

Live stream: Hildur Gudnadóttir @SONICA Classics

29.08.2015 - online

Don't miss this exclusive open air floating concert on the river by the ethereal Icelandic cello player Hildur Guðnadóttir! The concert will be streamed live from the banks of the scenic Three Bridges on the...

SONICA Classics II Open Air: Hildur Guðnadóttir

29.08.2015 - Splav-na-Ljubljanici

The event is in the 31th graphic Biennal of Graphic Arts Opening weekend program. The upcoming special summer edition of SONICA Classics is a collaboration with the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts and powered by...

SONICA CLASSICS III: Charlemagne Palestine (US)

25.09.2015 - CerkevsvJakoba

The last of this year’s SONICA Classics series presenting artists creating on the crossroad of contemporary classic and electronic music will take place on in St James Parish’s Church with a solo organ concert by...

SONICA SERIES XVII: Lady Boy Records (Iceland): Nicolas Kunysz, Harry Knuckles

15.08.2015 - Pritlije

Eksperimentalni zvoki na meji med tihim, nežnim ambientom in hrupnejšimi odvodi ter pritajenimi plesnimi pulzi ene bolj varovanih islandskih zvočnih skrivnosti, založbe Lady Boy Records!

Ghostwriter Project

09.07.2015 - MoTAPoint

Join us for the final exhibition this summer: on 9 July at 9 pm comes the Ghostwriter project – an exhibition to be seen in the dark, featuring 32 artists, curated in collaboration with the...

Ljubljana in June: Clark


Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovenščina.

We are the Museum of the Night! (Nuit Blanche at MoTA)

20.06.2015 - MoTAPoint

6 pm ArtistTalk presents: ANDREA CENTAZZO in conversation with Luka Zagoričnik The legendary Italo-American master of percussion and orchestral gongs Andrea Centazzo, who will perform the world premiere of hist latest multimedia project Lost Mandala...

CLARK open air LIVE!

19.06.2015 - Kongresni-trg-Ljubljana

CLARK (WARP, UK) – the new audiovisual show LIVE! BLAŽ + SIMON (SI) OKNAI (DE, SI) FREE ENTRY! Kino Šiška and SONICA are joining the opening of Ljubljana summer festivals season with an open-air audiovisual explosion!

Graphite synthesizer

31.05.2015 - MoTAPoint

Graphite instruments DIY making workshop. Kids will get acquainted with electronics basics and examples of visual representation of sound. Presentation will by followed by the making of their own synthesizer from graphite, when an everyday...

SONICA Series XVI: Helios & Hess

21.05.2015 - MoTAPoint

Lump, the new project of Helios & Hess, is about customs and Swiss history through two traditional terms – Reisläufer (Swiss Mercenaries) and Alpsegen (Alp Blessing).The two musicians work exclusively with analogue equipment and field-recordings.

Svetlana Maraš: Where is my sound art?

07.05.2015 - MoTAPoint

The last two days of Red Min(e)d Living Archive events at the MoTA Point will focus on sound through the topic FREQUENCIES AND WAVES AS COMMUNICATION. The Belgrade sound artist Svetlana Maraš will present her...

Living Archive as the Feminist Academic Course

05.05.2015 - MoTAPoint

Starting as The Bring In Take Out Living Archive aims at creating an interactive platform for sharing and collaborative work in the digital and public space, in which the politics of remembering, contemporary art and...

Random Logic live in Dresden

02.05.2015 - FestspielhausHellerauDresden

The audiovisual live-act of the Slovenian techno and experimental electronic duo Random Logic joining their latest album release is not only their first foray into the field of audio-visual performance but also marks their decisive step out...

NEUNUNDNEUNZIG (99) premiere show at Icas Festival in Dresden

30.04.2015 - FestspielhausHellerauDresden

WORLD PREMIERE!  NEUNUNDNEUNZIG (99) is a kinetic sound sculpture by Martin Bricelj Baraga and Olaf Bender (Raster-noton). It is comprised of a matrix of 99 balloons composing an immersive yet intimate performance. While being inflated, the...

SONICA Series XV: Lucio Capece (arg) – double bill

17.04.2015 - MoTAPoint

One of the most prominent members of Berlin's scene of experimental music will take us to two different spaces of deconstructed club music and sublime electro-acoustic sound spatial experiences.

ICAS Festival – Network Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future

27.04.2015 - Dresden

From 27 April to 3 May 2015, Dresden will become a hotspot for advanced music and related arts as the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network reunites over 20 music and media art...

Faces of Voices / Noise. Accompanying events

25.03.2015 - MoTAPoint

Irena Tomažin's installation Faces of Voices / Noise is on view until April 3. Guided tour and talk with Irena Tomažin and Ida Hiršenfelder on 25. 3. at 7pm.

Irena Tomažin: Faces of voices / noise

10.03.2015 - MoTAPoint

The awarded Slovenian vocalist and performer Irena Tomažin premieres her first audiovisual installation Faces of voices / noise, inspired by the question, "What would a portrait of a certain voice look like?"


07.03.2015 - MoTAPoint

An event of electroacoustic music from Mexico with two of the most important artist of Mexican contemporary music. The duo will confront you with a highly intense sound reality.

Workshop: Ecology of Change

27.02.2015 - AtrijZRCSAZU

Together participants will explore the creative and practical responses that cultural organisations and individuals can contribute to the issues of climate change and sustainability, arguably the most important challenges of our time.

Meet & greet! ArtistTalk with Nathanael Andreini (usa)

13.02.2015 - MoTAPoint

Nathanael Andreini, artist, educator and Fulbright researcher at MoTA will present himself for the first time to the Slovenian public.


12.02.2015 - MoTAPoint

Valentine's day concert with lute sounds from "Only lovers left alive". Thursday, 12 February at 8pm and 10pm (doors open at 7pm)

First term! Reality; Lost and found

22.01.2015 - MoTAPoint

''Reality; lost and found'' is an intermedia project, which creatively concentrates on finding spatial representations of the inner state of an individual with mental disorders, and representing them to the general public through video, installation,...

Sonica 2014

Sonica festival 2014 is again focusing on diverse artistic practices which all involve transitoriness in the medium of image, sound, object, space and concept. The main theme of the festival is the thin line of...

Sonica 2013

SONICA Festival of Transtitory Art 15–30 November 2013; Various venues, Ljubljana, Slovenia   The fifth edition of SONICA FESTIVAL brings a bunch of fresh urban interventions, sound and intermedia installations, performances, workshops, audiovisual concerts and...

Sonica series XIII: MY DAILY NOISE (ch, fr)

17.01.2015 - MoTAPoint

MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art invites you to celebrate the birthday of Art with one big loud noisy low sub-bassdrone from My Daily Noise.

SONICA SERIES XII: Zavoloka & Laetitia Morais + Kotra

09.10.2014 - KinoSiska

SONICA SERIES XII presents the Ukranian-Portuguese female audiovisual experimental duo Zavoloka - Morais bringing wind, water and fire! Followed by radical sound transformer Kotra. In collaboration with City of Women and CUK Kino...

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MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined.

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