From 27 April to 3 May 2015, Dresden will become a hotspot for advanced music and related arts as the ICASInternational Cities of Advanced Sound network reunites over 20 music and media art festivals into a Festival of Festivals.

Announced artists:
Lorenzo Senni [IT], Gabor Lazar [HU], MØRK [NO], Bocca al Lupo (Kathy Alberici with Federico Nitti) [INT], Low Jack [FR], Humatic Media Catapults– MNM Stage Version ft. Mieko Suzuki [DE], Alexander Dorn – Phantasialand [DE], Random Logic [SI], Teun Verkerk & Joris Hoogeboom – Buqs [NL], Environmental Auditors [INT], The Sound of Belgium – Jozef Deville [BE], High On Hope – Piers Sanderson [UK], Sounds Fragmenting our Present Past – Nathan Budzinski & Theo Cook [CA/UK]. More soon. 

Participating organisations:
Festival Némo/ARCADI (Paris, FR), Cimatics (Brussels, BE), CTM Festival(Berlin, DE), Cultures Electroni-k (Rennes, FR), CYNETART (Dresden, DE), FutureEverything (Manchester, UK), Insomnia Festival (Tromsø, NO),Les Siestes Electroniques (Toulouse, FR), MeetFactory (Prague, CZ), SONICA Festival/Mota-Museum Transitory-Art (Ljubljana, SI), Festival Novas Frequências (Rio de Janeiro, BR), ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst (Graz, AT), RIAM Festival (Marseilles, FR), Rokolectiv Festival (Bucharest, RO), Schiev Festival (Brussels, BE), Skaņu Mežs (Riga, LV), SOCO Festival (oficial) (Montevideo, UY), TodaysArt (The Hague, NL), UH Fest (Budapest, HU), UNSOUND Festival (Kraków, PL).


Sonica festival will showcase two acts on ICAS festival: 99 (Martin Bricelj Baraga and Olaf Bender – the first presentation of the new version of the installation ) and Random Logic, who will present audiovisual edition of the album π (pi), the first edition of  Sonica’s label ASONIC.

Assembling a mix of club concerts, outdoor interventions, a multi-day conference programme, a film series, lab formats, as well as an exhibition, the festival adopts the theme of “Tools for an Unknown Future” in an attempt to examine how to cope with increasing uncertainty in the field of culture using the tools that have been developed in our society thus far. In times with no illusions of utopia, the urge to find methods of self-empowerment – a safety net in the face of the unknown – is more urgently needed than ever before.

The event will also mark the end of ECAS while serving as a launch event for a brand-new project born within the network; SHAPE platform (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).

Taking place at venues Lab15, Altes Wettbüro, Hole of Fame, and the Thalia movie theatre, the ICAS Festival is headquartered at the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

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Sonica will present two acts on ICAS Festival:

Random Logic_KS_photo by Iztok Zupan2RANDOM LOGIC

The audiovisual live-act of the Slovenian techno and experimental electronic duo Random Logic comes as an announcement of their new release and is a direct result of a decade spent researching music as the art of time. Their forthcoming album pays tribute to the sign π and endorses the sonic expression of duration.

Formed as a single continuous set, it seeks an attentive listener wishing to benefit from hearing imperfect and unrepeatable sounds caught in loops. Random Logic – Miha Klemenčič and Gregor Zemljič – are regarded as the pioneers of slovene contemporary electronic and ambient techno music. Their internationally acclaimed first album Numrebs was released under the music label Tehnika in 2001. Their second album π features video art created by Gašper Milkovič Biloslav in Marko Vivoda.






99 is a kinetic sound sculpture comprised of a matrix of 99 balloons. It is presented as an immersive, yet intimate performance by artists Martin Bricelj Baraga and Olaf Bender. While being inflated, the balloons surround visitors to create an intense physical, sonic, and visual experience. 99 is inspired by “99 Luftballons” an anti-nuclear protest song by the German band Nena from their 1983 self-titled album.


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Museum of Transitory Art

MoTA –

Museum of Transitory Art

MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the research, production and presentation of transitory, experimental, and live art forms.

MoTA is a museum without a permanent collection or a fixed space. Instead, its programs are realised in different locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces.

MoTA organizes and supports transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally. As its name indicates, MoTA examines what a museum can be today and in the future.

MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined.

MoTA works on several continuous programmes & projects. We run MoTA Point – a Space for Art & Ideas, we curate and produce the annual SONICA Festival, in addition to regular music programmes such as SONICA Series and SONICA Classics.

Within the years of running our residency programme, we’ve established T.R.I.B.E. – a network of residency spaces in the Balkans & Eastern Europe.

We’ve also initiated the research and archive platforms and Mediateque MoTA & Tomaž Brate. Our educational programmes serve a broader audience with ongoing workshops, talks, symposia, and internships.