You are invited to a hybrid Sonica event, featuring an exhibition by Slovenian visual artist Matej Mihevc and a performance by Hungarian electronic experimentalist and protégé of the European Shape+ platform for the 2023/24 season, Nemerov.

Matej Mihevc: Deconstructed Club + Nemerov LIVE (HU)

Mihevc’s “deconstructed club” in the MoTA Lab, where physical and virtual space merge (video projections of a synthesised virtual club and various objects “passing” from the virtual to the physical space), will provide a club-like backdrop for the rhythmic and melodic deconstructions of the Hungarian sonic adventurer. The boundary between club stage, dance floor, exhibition space and site-specific installation will be blurred, and the visitors will briefly become an integral part of the exhibition during Nemer’s performance.

Description of the exhibition

The Deconstructed Club project is based on the animated proposal for this year’s Sonica Festival graphic design.

The animation shows a composition composed of various typical elements of the club’s iconography (flashing lights, metal beams, smoke, neon signs) and abandoned industrial objects (graffiti, deteriorated concrete, construction fencing) decontextualised in virtual space. It is therefore a set of objects that draw a metaphorical picture of the future of club culture and thus of the general decay and decay, and also flirt with virtuality in their very form.

In the physical version, the project is conceived as a ‘stage design’ for a concert or a music event, with some elements from the video transferred into the physical space, raising questions about the encounter between the virtual and the physical, and this is reflected in the premiere installation at MoTA LAB.

Description of Mota Lab

MoTA LAB is a Ljubljana-based gallery focusing on sound, kinetic, light and other artworks, hosting the non-permanent art collection ArteFacts of the Museum of Transitory Art -MoTA, premieres of young local talents and works by established intermedia artists. It functions as a working laboratory, an exhibition gallery and occasionally as a venue for social events, performances and workshops.

Presentation of the author
Matej Mihevc (1995) is a postgraduate student of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design. His work deals with the impact of new technologies on cultural production in various ways.
In the past he has been involved in a number of design projects, but recently he has also developed an interest in various industrial processes and artificial materials, as well as in machine learning and artificial intelligence. For the sixth year, he has been presenting his own show Modem on Radio Študent, in which he explores the Internet’s musical underground.

The conversation with the artist on Tuesday, 15 September, 2 pm, as part of the Šiška Open event was moderated by Jaša Bužinel.

Nemerov (HU)
Nemerov is an electronic musician from Budapest who has been working with broken frequencies and absurd rhythms since 2017. His main interests include multi-layered, ever-changing soundscapes and fragmented rhythmic sequences reminiscent of collage. His sonic palette relies on newly synthesised sound objects and patterns. His music is constantly influenced by human impulses and errors, systemic limitations and chance. Nemerov is a SHAPE+ platform protégé in the 2023/24 season.

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