3. 10. – 3. 11. 2023 @ MoTA LAB, Celovška 42 B, Ljubljana

Opening 3. 10. at 8pm

‘Constructions of the Null’ will open with an explosion of Art van Triests sculpture Duality.  It will inflate and detonate its gridded enclosure made of collected materials. From a safe distance, the visitor will simultaneously observe the launch of Cadet, Urša Prek’s video chronicle of a Vanilla Pudding, an artifact reminiscent of the artist’s childhood, traveling 32km up into the stratosphere.

The duo exhibition by the Dutch artist Art Van Triest and Slovene emerging artist Urša Prek is a multilayered rendering of (un)controlled systems of the human condition. Cadet and Duality share a transcendence of the sculptural into the performative in order to reveal the complexity of experience.

Van Triests’ performative sculpture and video Duality stems from his GRIDS series, which explores the idea of the grid, as a system and a tool for simplifying our surroundings- from spreadsheets to urban planning, psychology and agriculture.

Similarly, Urša Prek will approach the topic of relative experiencing of reality through the work Cadet- a work she dedicates to Teja Samsa (1994 – 2023). Exploring the theme which is equally charged by its underlying need of control and the intrinsic inability to own the memories that escape and define our intimate histories. Cadet is a yearly performative action centered on an unassuming artifact from the artist’s childhood—a vanilla pudding. 

Duality and Cadet viewed in parallel are testimonies through which both the viewer and the artists can explore holistic viewpoints of framing, classifying and systematizing our relation to our otherwise mercurial existence. 


Urša Prek (1993, Slovenia) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Her work, ranging from visual to sound installations, explores the territories of memory and history. She is driven by a personal curiosity about what makes us who we are, especially in terms of relative experience: inexperienced histories, trivial memories, and their connection to space. From audio, video and sculpture, her work falls some place in between. Her solo exhibitions include: Event Horizon, Witte Rook, Zaartpark, Breda, NL (2022), Dis / order (Pre / lom), DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana, SLO (2018). Her group exhibitions include: Construct Deconstruct, OYFO Kunstpodium Techniekmuseum, Hengelo, NL (2023),  Onder één Dak, De StadsGalerij, Breda, NL (2023), Salon des Refusés, IDFX, Breda, NL (2023) and Fun and Games, This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL (2022).

Cadet was supported by KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). Special thanks to Institute 404 and Maja Tušar.  Cadet is dedicated to Teja Samsa (1994 – 2023).


Central to Van Triest’s work is the human tendency to fight our fundamental fear and insecurity with an order, a system. The artist sees this as a coping mechanism: an attempt to get a grip on the world around us, which stems from a deep need for control, or the illusion of control. Van Triests work is a visual investigation, in which he questions how this frame relates to the physical reality of the world around us. The grid is a representation of a too straightforward way of relating to reality. With his work Van Triest wants to offer a visual counterbalance to the simplification and standardization of our environment and way of thinking. 

Van Triest selected exhibitions include Museum het Nieuwe Domein, NL,  Atelier Volten, NL (2023), BIG ART, NL (2021), Kunstenlab Deventer, NL (2020), TAC Eindhoven, NL (2020) Museum Mondriaanhuis, NL (2022),  Arti Amsterdam,NL (2018), Pictura Dordrecht, (2021) and  Museum ijsselstein. 


MoTA LAB is a Ljubljana-based gallery focused on sound, kinetic, light and time-based works, home of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art’s impermanent museum collection (ArteFacts), which premieres art projects by young local artists and presents the works of renowned intermedia artists. It operates as a working laboratory where MoTA’s team, artists and collaborators develop their residencies and projects. Occasionally, it also hosts live events, performances, workshops and social events. It is situated in a monumental glass pavilion from the 1970s, which is located on one of busiest Ljubljana roads (Celovška cesta). Its glass structure and transparency allow constant communication between the interior of the pavilion and its surroundings.


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