SHAPE+ announces 2024/2025 roster of artists


The European Union-funded SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art is announcing its 2024/2025 list of artists. The European Union-funded SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art is announcing its 2024/2025 list of...

Nonument Group: “Sound Ride through Sever’s Garage”

23.06.2021 - Ljubljana

The event took place as part of the exhibition “Nonument Group: the exhibition is on site” at the Museum of Architecture and Design and as part of the events we organised before the opening of...

Martin Bricelj Baraga & Fraction: DROPS in St. Petersburg

12.01.2021 - StPetersburg

DROPS is an audiovisual installation that sonifies the melting of ice in time through days, months, years – using the lycra textile that forms a levitating drop as a projection surface. DROPS is based on...

Nonument Group: “Exhibition is on site” at the Museum of Architecture and Design

25.05.2021 - Ljubljana

Between 25 May and 25 July 2021, the Nonument Group organised an exhibition of its artistic interventions and the Nonument archive in the MAO project space. The exhibition was a comprehensive presentation of the group’s...

LUMITRONOME at the Svetlobna gverila festival 2020

15.06.2020 - Ljubljana

Lumitronom is part of the Metronomi series, with which Martin Bricelj Baraga develops modular installations for public space, working according to the principle of perpetual motion and energy transformation. In combinations with natural elements such...


28.06.2024 - Sutci

SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, co-funded by the European Union, announces two collaborative showcases outside of the EU: Serbia’s Polja Festival at the end of June, and the şien Festival in Kazakhstan...

Nonuments of Tbilisi

25.06.2024 - Tbilisi

Ubani Tbilisi Cityscape Research Center in collaboration with the Nonument Group is announcing an open call for participation in a research project Nonuments of Tbilisi. The project will be realized in 2 phases, starting with...

Flux Open Call for Female Artists: Blockchain Art Academy


Are you a female or trans woman artist with a particular interest in exploring the revolutionary world of digital art and blockchain technology, and its intersection with the art market? If so, this open call...

MoTA ArteFacts on Ljubljana Art Weekend: Vadim Fiškin, Natura Morta, Gala Alica and Nonument Group

25.05.2024 - MoTALjubljana

We invite you to a very special celebration of The Youth Day at MoTA! MoTA joins this year’s Ljubljana Art Weekend with the exhibition MoTA Arte/Facts, where we present new artefacts from the MoTA collection....

SONICA 2024 pre-event: CASCADE by Marc Vilanova

29.03.2024 - MSUM

Cascade aims to draw attention to these invisible realities by rendering the waterfall’s infrasonic frequencies into an immersive experience for the audience.

SONICA 2024: Glocalisation

18.04.2024 - Ljubljana

This year, SONICA returns with an electrifying programme that represents a continuation of last year’s theme ‘Translocal Underground’, focusing on hyperspecific sounds and sonic cultures from different corners of the world.

Sound Workshop with Nicolás Jaar @ SONICA 2024


In collaboration with Kino Šiška, MoTA Museum and SONICA Festival present the Sound Workshop with Nicolás Jaar at SONICA 2024.

Ferenc Gróf: International Room

09.11.2023 - MoTALAB

  Opening: 9. 11. 2023 Exhibition: 10.11. – 9.12.2023 Imagine a neo-gothic skyscraper, right out of a DC Comics – the Cathedral of Learning – an existing construction, that is the centerpiece at the University...

Urša Prek & Art Van Triest: Constructions of the Null

03.10.2023 - MoTALab

3. 10. – 3. 11. 2023 @ MoTA LAB, Celovška 42 B, Ljubljana Opening 3. 10. at 8pm ‘Constructions of the Null’ will open with an explosion of Art van Triests sculpture Duality.  It will...

Hybrid exhibition and concert @ MoTA LAB


You are invited to a hybrid Sonica event, featuring an exhibition by Slovenian visual artist Matej Mihevc and a performance by Hungarian electronic experimentalist and protégé of the European Shape+ platform for the 2023/24 season,...

Open Call for the SONICA Festival 2023 main illustration


SONICA Festival (hereafter: SONICA) invites young visual artists to participate in an open competition for the main festival illustration/animation that will serve as the basis for the overall graphic design of the next edition of...

Terminal Drift

24.05.2022 - MoTALab

(Slovenščina) Skupinska razstava v MoTA LABu z umetniki: Maks Bricelj, Samra Buljić, Vid Koprivšek, Ema Maznik Antić in Matej Mihevc.


23.09.2021 - DasWerkWien

Ventil Records and Sonica Festival collaborated on this very special evening of eclectic and exciting music. The evening could be seen as a pre-event of the Sonica Festival, which took place from 27.9 – 2.10.2021...


26.09.2021 - MSUMLjubljana

Tuomas A. Laitinen is an artist who works with moving image, sound, light, glass, chemical and microbial processes, as well as algorithms to explore the entanglements of multispecies coexistence. Laitinen composes situations and installations that...

SONICA 2021 Exhibition: Boundless Bodyminds

01.09.2021 - GalerijaEqurna

Labyrinth gives way to skin opens with the exhibition Boundless BodyMinds, featuring metaphysical artworks grounded in a common understanding of embodied cognition, which rhizomatically draw from a synthesis of ancient and contemporary spiritual, technological and...

SONICA 2021: Labyrinth Gives Way To Skin

26.09.2021 - Ljubljana

Sonica’s 2021 theme Labyrinth gives way to skin is taken from the title of a composition by Maryanne Amacher for Merce Cunningham Dance Company, serves as a launching point for an exploration of the invisible...

Sonica 2020 Exhibition: Jenna Sutela, Holobiont

22.09.2020 - MSUM

Finnish artist Jenna Sutela seeks to identify and react to precarious social and material moments, often in relation to technology. Her work Holobiont (2018) considers the idea of embodied cognition on a planetary scale, featuring...

Sonica Exhibition 2020: Paradise Haunted Garden

08.09.2020 - Ljubljana

SONICA 2020 EXHIBITION: PARADISE HAUNTED GARDEN Group Exhibition, Equrna Gallery 8.-27.9.2020 Exhibiting artists: Clara de Asis, Peter Kutin, Alois Yang, Svetlana Maraš, Simina Oprescu The exhibition presented new works by five international artists working at...

Sonica 2020: Paradise Haunted Garden

22.09.2020 - Ljubljana

The 12th edition of the Sonica festival, under the theme Paradise Haunted Garden,  evolved around 19 events that took place at eight venues in Ljubljana between 22 and 26 September 2020, featuring 16 artists from...

Kali Malone. Photo by Helena Goni.

Kali Malone presents Does Spring Hide Its Joy at INDIGO Festival

14.10.2021 - Cukrarna

We’re happy to announce SONICA festival’s collaboration with INDIGO festival, presenting the SHAPE Platform artist KALI MALONE with her project Does Spring Hide Its Joy featuring Lucy Railton and Stephen O’Malley. Does Spring Hide Its...

SONICA Series x Kino Šiška: Mopcut

08.10.2021 - KinoSiska

Welcome to Mopcut, layered, noisy, all-pervading ecstasy of noise rock, free jazz, free improv, electronic music, all at the same time. MOPCUT is Lukas König, Audrey Chen, and Julien Desprez. Their objective is a construct...

SONICA Series x Kino Šiška: JULIA REIDY

08.09.2021 - KinoSiska

Australian string player, vocalist, electrophonist and improviser Julia Reidy is one of the more intriguing names in the field of contemporary guitar music, “bringing to mind everything from Hope Sandoval to late-era Talk Talk, Jim...

Yantan Ministry at Grounded Festival

18.08.2021 - FestivalGroundedLjubljana

SONICA Festival will happen this year. But before that join us at our pre-events. Next week, we’re partnering with Grounded Festival to present one of this year’s SHAPE Platform Artists, Yantan Ministry. Yantan Ministry is...

Black Pulse and Etceteral at Kamfest

12.08.2021 - Kamnik

We are pleased to announce that we are once again partnering with Kamfest to present a musical evening on the Barutana Stage at Kamfest. The event is a pre-event of the SONICA Festival: Labyrinth gives...

Riccardo la Foresta and Lukas Koenig at Sajeta Festival

08.07.2021 - Tolmin

We’re happy to announce SONICA festival’s collaboration with SAJETA festival, presenting two SHAPE Platform artists: Riccardo la Foresta and Lukas Koenig. RICCARDO LA FORESTA (ITA) Thursday, 8 July at 18:00 Tolmin Public Library “Ciril Kosmač”...

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MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the research, production and presentation of transitory, experimental, and live art forms.

MoTA is a museum without a permanent collection or a fixed space. Instead, its programs are realised in different locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces.

MoTA organizes and supports transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally. As its name indicates, MoTA examines what a museum can be today and in the future.

MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined.

MoTA works on several continuous programmes & projects. We run MoTA Point – a Space for Art & Ideas, we curate and produce the annual SONICA Festival, in addition to regular music programmes such as SONICA Series and SONICA Classics.

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