SONICA Festival (hereafter: SONICA) invites young visual artists to participate in an open competition for the main festival illustration/animation that will serve as the basis for the overall graphic design of the next edition of the Ljubljana festival of experimental and electronic dance music and sound art. The subject of the competition is only one illustration/animation/image and not the overall graphic image of the festival. The winner of the open call will work with a graphic designer who will develop the overall graphic design of the festival.

Submission deadline is 15 January 2023. Please send your application materials to

Festival theme
The programming guidelines of the upcoming edition are a response to the prevailing trends of European music festivals, which continue to maintain the hegemony of the Western music industry, with the majority of guests coming from Anglo-Saxon countries. In addition to the focus on Slovenian artists, this year’s edition will focus on artists from Africa, Latin America and Asia. Over the last decade, the international electronic and experimental music scene has witnessed the emergence of new trends, especially at the crossroads between traditional music, contemporary club genres and trendy experimental music. With the upcoming edition, SONICA aims to present to the Slovenian public a lineup of outstanding electronic music artists from around the world. 

We want a fresh, modern, bold and communicative visual solution that reflects the tradition and vision of SONICA, while at the same time following modern aesthetic guidelines.

Open Call conditions

-the work must be original

-the participating authors must be under 35 years of age

-the image/animation must be submitted in high resolution (rgb, mp4/jpg/tif/pdf, 3000 x 3000 px)

-preference is given to works that are animated or have the possibility of being upgraded to an animated image

-the winner of the competition agrees to any modifications to the artwork to complete the overall image of the festival or is willing to collaborate with the designer in the process

-the jury reserves the right not to select any of the sent works

-the winner of the competition will be announced in January 2023


The jury consists of graphic designer Rok Mar and festival team members Martin Bricelj Baraga, Luka T. Zagoričnik, Jaša Bužinel.


1st prize for the festival’s illustration/animation is EUR 500

2nd prize is a SONICA 2023 festival pass and a SONICA t-shirt

3rd prize is a SONICA 2023 day pass and a SONICA t-shirt


SONICA International Music Festival is dedicated to contemporary music trends in the field of electronic, experimental and contemporary composed music and sound arts. It is the Ljubljana festival with the longest tradition in the field of adventurous electronic expression, sound-art practices, visual and intermedia art. It operates as a platform based on close collaboration with artists active at the intersection of visual and sound art, media and research. SONICA includes production and research residencies, exhibitions, performances and public interventions, with a strong focus on public presentations and talks. The festival operates internationally, but with a clear regional focus and an eastward tilt. In addition to the annual edition in Ljubljana, SONICA has organised editions in several cities such as London, Wroclaw, Trieste, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, Zagreb and Belgrade. Among the many high-profile guests in recent years are names such as William Basinski, Marina Rosenfeld, Tim Hecker, Lorenzo Senni, Aisha Devi, Clark, Actress, Patten, Alessandro Cortini, Shackleton, Innode, Rashad Becker, Emptyset, Herman Kolgen, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Plaid, Byetone, Lee Gamble, Giant Swan, Jenna Sutela, Ziúr, Flanger, Atom™, Fennesz, Zimoun, SND, Nik Nowak, Tomoko Sauvage, Lucy Railton, Jan Jelinek and many others.

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Museum of Transitory Art

MoTA –

Museum of Transitory Art

MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the research, production and presentation of transitory, experimental, and live art forms.

MoTA is a museum without a permanent collection or a fixed space. Instead, its programs are realised in different locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces.

MoTA organizes and supports transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally. As its name indicates, MoTA examines what a museum can be today and in the future.

MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined.

MoTA works on several continuous programmes & projects. We run MoTA Point – a Space for Art & Ideas, we curate and produce the annual SONICA Festival, in addition to regular music programmes such as SONICA Series and SONICA Classics.

Within the years of running our residency programme, we’ve established T.R.I.B.E. – a network of residency spaces in the Balkans & Eastern Europe.

We’ve also initiated the research and archive platforms and Mediateque MoTA & Tomaž Brate. Our educational programmes serve a broader audience with ongoing workshops, talks, symposia, and internships.